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Weds 05 - Thurs 06 July 2023
Carrington, Lincolnshire

Introducing ILF Alpha – The Industry Leading Self-Propelled Reach Mower

Building on Spearhead’s self-propelled vehicle success, the company has unveiled the ILF Alpha. The successor to the SPV2, Alpha boasts many welcome enhancements positioning it as the most productive machine yet.

Manufactured by Energreen in Italy and exclusively available from Spearhead in the United Kingdom, the ILF Alpha comes with a pedigree. Already proven as a high performance, multifunctional machine, Alpha benefits from several significant enhancements.

25% bigger cab

Keeping the operator comfortable is paramount when they’re spending around 1,000 hours a year in the seat.

Alpha’s significantly larger cab offers a spacious area to work in, coupled with improved visibility all round. The high visibility panoramic windscreen combined with 90-degree rotating cab delivers total sight and control of the full working area.

Importantly, this improved visibility and comfort comes without posture strain. The operator can always face forwards, avoiding back and neck strain. This in turn reduces operator fatigue and increases their productivity in the seat.

In addition to more space, the cab is certified for safety (FOPS-ROPS), anti-tipping, soundproofed and temperature controlled. All factors that make the operator’s working day safer and easier.

Powerful 173HP engine

Unlike many machines, Spearhead’s self-propelled vehicles run separate hydraulic circuits, enabling different functions to operate simultaneously. This means a more powerful 173HP John Deere engine really makes a difference to the Alpha’s robust performance, regardless of the attachment in use.

Maximum uptime ensures productivity

Always improving build quality and technology, Energreen has enhanced the Alpha to keep it working hard as much as possible.

A new CANBUS electrical system means experts at the Italian factory can have direct and instant access to diagnostic information, wherever the machine is.

New easy-to-access filter locations make regular service and maintenance points simpler, minimising servicing time. This in turn, reduces cost. These areas also benefit from accessible central greasing points making daily and weekly maintenance easier.

The fuel tank filter and Ad Blu fill points are now safely locked away inside the engine compartments, deterring theft risk.

Productivity, operational efficiency, and security remain crucial for the Alpha.

Improved traction

Always providing stalwart stability, the Alpha’s wheelbase is 100mm longer than the market leading SPV2, providing improved traction and a smoother ride on the road.

New heavy-duty axles and Trelleborg T440 tyres improve the machine’s traction on wet ground – something that’s paramount for the operator’s safety.

Like other Spearhead self-propelled models, the Alpha offers three operating modes in its 4-wheel drive traction system: 2 Wheel Steer, 4 Wheel Steer and Crab Steer. Manoeuvrability has never been better.

Delivering twice the productivity

Self-propelled vehicles, like the ILF Alpha, have always been about optimum productivity when managing a high workload. Performance will always be greater than a tractor and flail combination. As John Fenn, Operations Director from Middle Level Commissioners explained:

“We’re working at the limit of what a tractor and flail can safely and efficiently do. Tractors are meant for pulling ploughs and trailers. They’re not meant for hanging big mowers on the side and trying to counterbalance.

You’ve got a rotating cab [on a self-propelled machine] whereas all tractor cabs are fixed. You can cut going forwards and in reverse – you just turn the cab round, making a big saving in time and fuel. Almost half at times.

It’s not until you get on the seat [of a self-propelled machine] that you realise how much things have moved on and how much more efficient you could be.”

Incredibly multifunctional, the Alpha can be fitted with three different telescopic arms up to 12 metres in length. Coupled with countless attachments for drain, verge, and hedge work, it’s incredibly versatile.

The Alpha handles all ground types with ease and remains incredibly strong, thanks to its reinforced steel frame and excellent working ergonomics.

Want a demo?

You can arrange a demonstration wherever you are in the UK. See the new ILF Alpha in action on your own land. Spearhead has recently organised many “arrive and drive” events at local dealers in addition to bespoke demonstrations.

Should this of interest to you, please contact Spearhead on 01789 491860 or

Visit Spearhead at STAND NUMBER: S24

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